Nancy Garrison with a signed bottle of Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon

Limited Edition: Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon Whiskey from Nancy Garrison


In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to introduce a limited number of Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon bottles signed by our Co-Founder, Nancy Garrison. 

For many years, Nancy had a vision for a bourbon that was a little different from our typical bold, high-proof bourbons. She wanted something a little lighter, crisper and more approachable. Our HoneyDew Bourbon started as an “experimental” release in 2018 and grew into an overnight success.

Now more so than ever, we recognize the importance women have and continue to have on the growth and success of our distillery. We are proud to have many talented women at Garrison Brothers Distillery in all departments including production, marketing and hospitality. These women work day in and day out to further our mission of making the best damn bourbon in the world.

These limited edition signed bottles are a tribute to your ongoing support to help us continue to support women’s careers, their achievements and accelerating women’s equality.

Proof: 80
ALC/VOL: 40%
Size: 750ML
AGE: Aged at least 3 years

Tasting Notes

Aroma is sweet elderberry syrup, wildflowers and Mom’s honey-pineapple upside-down cake, baking in the oven. Taste of wildflowers, plum jelly, vanilla and cloves. Sweet honey butter on a warm yeast roll. Delicate hibiscus tea and saltwater taffy that tingles the roof of your mouth. A finish of stewed apricots, cinnamon-toast-crunch cereal and El Rey white chocolate. A pleasing mouthful of summertime joy. Unlike all other Garrison Brothers’ bourbons, this one sneaks in like a spring rain shower.


The Making of HoneyDew Bourbon

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