Angled bottle of Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Sampler Bourbon

Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Sampler Bourbon Whiskey


A true embodiment of uniqueness and authenticity. Each barrel is set aside by our Master Distiller Donnis Todd and has its own character. That’s the true beauty of Single Barrel. Just like our kids, each barrel has its own personality. Each is beautiful, unique and astonishing in its own way. This is your bourbon.

Proof: 94
ALC/VOL: 47%
Size: 750ML
AGE: Aged at least 3 years

Tasting Notes

We offer a special Single Barrel case: two unique bottles each from three unique barrels. Every barrel selected for the Single Barrel program is at least three years old. Every bottle from each barrel will be unique, different and inconsistent. Even the color of the bourbon in each bottle will differ. That’s the beauty of Single Barrel. What do you taste?


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